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The Rux Studios Party Planning Committee

"We work hard, we play hard. Sometimes we play hard when we should be working hard, right?"

-Michael Scott

Soon after I joined Rux Studios, I teamed up with a colleague to create our Party Planning Committee.

People like to party, and after-hours are often where the trust is built. 

I believe in the power of teams to accomplish great things. With the PPC, we aimed to create more opportunities to share the regular you – the you beyond your role on the team.

The company leaders liked this idea and the PPC was born.

These are some photos of our first Office Olympics. 

Annual Halloween Cardboard Costumes Contest

The funnest things we've done have been pretty simple, cheap, and silly. Things you might have done in Kindergarten:

  • Show 'n Tell

  • Make Crafts

  • Run races and win prizes

  • Water Balloons

MoMA PS1 Field Trip

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